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Heartworm Testing and Prevention Program

Heartworm Disease is a parasitic infection in your dog or cat that can be deadly if not detected and treated. Heartworm disease is transmitted by the bite of a mosquito that has previously bitten an infected dog. One infected dog could potentially infect an entire neighborhood!

The staff at Brazos Animal Hospital believes it is imperative to keep your pet on heartworm preventative year round. Because no prevention is 100% effective, we also believe that your pet should be tested yearly for heartworm disease. By keeping your pet on prevention and testing yearly, most manufacturers of preventatives will pay for diagnosis and treatment if your pet were to be infected with heartworms.

The symptoms of heartworm disease can be very hard to detect in the early stages. Heartworm disease has been found in all 50 states. These 2 facts support the importance of yearly testing. Some symptoms of heartworm disease include:

Difficulty breathing
Decreased energy
Weight loss
Sudden death

We can recommend a heartworm preventative based on your and your pet's lifestyle. There are several to choose from including injectable, tablets, chewables and topical. Some of the preventatives also include flea control and other internal parasite control. Ask one of our staff members which type would best suit you and your pet.

We are offering special pricing during the months of April, May and June. If you have your pet tested for heartworms and purchase a preventative that day, you will receive 10% off the entire purchase. This could mean an instant savings of up to $90.00 (When discount combined with 2 free doses of Revolution).

Your pet's good health is our number one goal. Please ask one of our technicians any questions that you may have.

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